Overnight Summer Camps

Overnight Summer Camp

Pack your bags because you do not want to miss this trip to the Wild Wild West!!  The scent of the mountain air mixed with oiled leather, the soft whinny of a horse calling out a greeting and long days in the saddle are waiting for you.  Mountain Creek Ranch is a home away from home and our overnight camps are a wonderful opportunity to disconnect and recharge with our 250 acres of beautiful wilderness.

All of our lovable farm animals from horses/ponies and foals to sheep, lambs, baby donkey, bunnies and more make it hard to not fall in love. All of our animals are family and it shows as they thoroughly enjoy and openly love their young riders, taking good care of them. It is a frequent sight to see the lambs and miniature pig, Charlotte following the children around the Ranch as they are all so tame and gentle.

The ranch will take you on a trip back to the past to experience the simpler pleasures of yesteryear and the excitement and adventurous spirit of the western way.

Our facility is the only place in Ontario to specialize in ponies and Natural Horsemanship. A summer of fun and making memories and friends that you will cherish forever is just a trail ride away.

Please NOTE: Arrival time is on Sundays at 4p.m. and Pick up Time is Saturdays at 2p.m.

Campers might be separated into smaller groups according to age and skills levels.

(The activities may differentiate slightly between the groups)

July 28th, 2019 – August 3rd, 2019

Calling all horse crazy, pony loving, cowboys and cowgirls for a pony filled week of fun here at Mountain Creek Ranch. We are the only training and riding facility that specializes in ponies of all sizes and breeds. We have some of the smallest in Ontario, standing at 24 inches to the withers right up to Mountain Horses which are still categorized as a pony build but are the height of a horse and built to carry large adults through the rough mountain terrains. Most of our ponies are Walsh Mountain Ponies of various heights to suit a rider of any size.  Ponies are much stronger than horses, of superior intelligence, stamina and bravery. We all recall the PONY EXPRESS, mail service of historical fame; they used ponies rather than horses for these reasons.  Campers may be given a pony of their own for the week or they may choose to team up with one special pony that they fall in love with. Riders are teamed up with various choices of ponies according to size and skill level.  Our campers will learn to take care of, brush, bath and love, spending as much extra time together as the week allows. They will receive daily riding lessons, English or western and take part in other mounted games, activities and trail rides. Other activities include swimming, (we ride to the swimming area), cuddling the Ranch’s babies in the petting farm, pony decorating, nature crafts in the evenings, bonfires, archery and more. Campers will have a fun filled, safe week of learning the responsibilities and experiencing the pleasures of owning a pony while building character, confidence, and advancing their riding skills, and knowledge.

Join us for a week of everything ponies! Don’t delay for this camp book up early.

Mountain Creek Ranch is THE only place in Ontario that specializes in PONIES!

Pony Power!

August 4th, 2019 – August 10th, 2019

Are you in search of a best friend that will never leave your side? If so, Mountain Creek Ranch has what you have been searching for. Our Horsemanship & Bonding camp is a chance for you to create an unbreakable bond built upon trust with your horse/pony or ours. This is a Natural Horsemanship training and riding camp for riders who want to better understand and develop a critical bond of trust with their horse/pony to have a more fulfilling and productive lesson life at home.

In addition to daily riding lessons, (English or western), campers will learn and understand how to truly listen and communicate with their horse/pony.  To use positive reinforcement while riding or doing ground exercises which builds confidence and aids in becoming one with your horse/pony. Other activities will include ring work to help your horse/pony find enjoyment in the ring, trail rides, desensitizing and handling activities and learning non-aggressive join up techniques.  We will be exploring the responsibilities and philosophy, the importance of Natural Horsemanship and what it takes to become a Horse or Pony Whisperer!  There is always swimming, with or without their horse/pony or the miniature horses and time in the petting farm, bonfires, canoe/kayaking archery and more optional activities during free time.

This camp is for you and your horse/pony or ours to learn to trust in one another.  Learn how to challenge your horse in a fun and motivating way and lastly making memories and friends that will last a lifetime.   Mountain Creek Ranch is the only facility in Ontario to specialize in Natural Horsemanship and ponies. We hope to see you soon for a week of unforgettable equine bonding, here at the Ranch.

August 11th– 2019 – August 17th, 2019

The breathtaking wilderness awaits you on the trails at Mountain Creek Ranch.  Campers will delight in long trail rides daily, exclusive early evening trails, and short night time trails out to our field to gaze at the beautiful stars and constellations in the nigh time skies. Throughout the week campers will work on lessons in trail safety, techniques and skills required, what to do and how to overcome obstacles, crossing bridges, and exploring different terrain, small stream crossings and trail wisdom. Campers will learn proper saddle and tack care for the trails and some survival skills in case they were ever to get lost on the trail or in the woods at some time in their lives.  Other activities include lessons in the ring, Natural Horsemanship activities, mounted games, petting farm time, bonfires, swimming, canoe/kayaking, archery and optional activities during free time.

  We are home to a vast array of wildlife. Riders are often treated to sightings of deer and their young, elk, owls, eagles, hawks, song birds, beaver, muskrat, rabbits, grouse, wild turkey, fox, raccoon, mink and even otters have been spotted.   We set out daily, often with lunches, cameras, binoculars and fishing rods packed along. You never know what we may find along the trails.

 This is a fun filled week that gives campers the chance to explore the great outdoors on horseback in our 250 acres of beautiful wilderness.  Our property’s frequent sightings and signs of wildlife are always a thrill. Campers will have a fantastic week of trail riding, making friends and memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Nature is calling you here at Mountain Creek Ranch, where:

“It’s Always a Good Day to Ride!”

August 11th, 2019 – August 17th, 2019

The thrill of a lifetime is waiting for you at Mountain Creek Ranch’s Adventure Camp!  Who’s ready for a wild time!

Here at Mountain Creek Ranch the adventures await with a week of exploring the northern wilderness and exceptionally scenic and well groomed trails for riding the wild. Campers will become horse/pony owners for the week. They will learn the responsibilities of living on a ranch and owning farm animals. Campers will be given daily lessons English or western and spend the week exploring our 250 acres of wilderness and trails on horseback.  They will learn outdoor survival skills, safety, and bush craft with hands on activities. We offer campers the opportunity to expand and advance their riding and training skills and knowledge.

Other activities during the week will include swimming, fishing, hiking, canoe/kayaking, mounted games, man tracker, roping, petting farm time, bonfires, swimming with your horse/pony and more! During the week we will also take campers on an overnight trail excursion where they can showcase their new found outdoor survival skills and bush craft.

We guarantee a safe, enriching, fun filled week of horseback riding, and adventuring in the Great Northern outdoors with all that nature has to offer, here at Mountain Creek Ranch where

 “It’s Always a Good Day to Ride!”

August 18th, 2019 – August 24th, 2019

Let the games begin with Mountain Creek Ranch’s Western Gaming camp!  Campers will be given daily western riding lessons. Throughout the week they will learn and perform neck reining, trail, western pleasure, barrel racing, keyhole, dash and even get the opportunity to take part in a miniature team penning. Campers will also be given roping lessons by Mountain Creek Ranch’s very own regional roper Cowboy Harry. Other activities will include trail riding, Natural Horsemanship activities, petting farm time, bonfires, swimming, canoe/kayaking, archery and optional activities during free time. This camp is a fast week of fun, safe and enriching experiences that will create memories to cherish for a lifetime… It is also a wonderful opportunity for campers, and thrill seekers to learn and take on new responsibilities, advance their riding skills, experience the adrenal and heart pumping feeling of speed under saddle and the thrill of western gaming.  They will acquire knowledge of themselves in the time tested western way.  Campers explore, learn, and build character all while having a blast here at Mountain Creek Ranch where,

“It’s Always a Good Day to Ride!”

August 18th, 2019 – August 24th, 2019

***Experienced riders only***

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls for Mountain Creek Ranch’s Extreme Cowboy/Cowgirl Camp. This is a chance for you to indulge yourself in the western way and satisfy your quest for adventure on the back of a fast horse or a large mountain pony. Campers will receive daily coaching on trial and an introduction to the exciting sport of endurance racing and competitive trail competitions. During the week they’ll enjoy lasso lessons by Mountain Creek Ranch’s very own regional roper Cowboy Harry, have some cookout/western style meals, hear real adventure stories about Cowboy Harry’s days of ‘Riding the Range’ in Alberta and B.C.

 An evening swim and nightly bonfires will help to unwind after long days on the Ranch and exploring our 250 acres of wilderness. Other adventures will include an overnight trail camp out, off property challenging trails, swimming with your horse/pony, mounted games, man tracker, and western jumping. This is a week of extreme western style fun and adventure here at Mountain Creek Ranch where,

“It’s Always a Good Day to Ride!”